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I’m Becky Flutterbuyzstudio is my handcrafted silver jewellery business.
I have been creative & artistic from a young age. I’ve always loved arts & crafts from drawing to creating designs in polymer clay, to needlework, playing the piano and baking.
Before my daughter was born I made handcrafted wedding stationery and guest books.
In 2017 I had a milestone birthday approaching & decided I wanted to learn a new crafting skill that would be completely different to crafting with paper.
I came across silver clay and was instantly fascinated with the alchemy effect of working with a malleable clay that after refining and kiln firing becomes pure solid silver.
I work with art clay 950 which is a recycled eco sterling silver. 
Once kiln fired it is sterling silver and can be hallmarked as such by the assay office. 
At the moment all my pieces are under the hallmarking threshold weight of 7.78 grams and are not hallmarked. 
**For more info my dealer notice is in my policy section**

When I first started working with silver clay I had ideas for jewellery designs but wasn’t sure which direction to take. 
My very first pendant was made for my best friend’s birthday. I had planned to get a paw print from her dog Archie but sadly he passed away before I was able to do that. 
All I had was a photo of him so I set about teaching myself how to turn his photo into a stamp design which could be imprinted into silver clay.
I also had to learn how to make the stamp which involved a lot of trial and error to get clean thin lines.
My friend loved the unique pendant made just for her.
I have spent the last few years honing and developing my jewellery making skills. 
I create nature inspired jewellery with designs featuring flowers, birds and animals as well as custom pet portrait and paw print pieces.
My jewellery features delicate unique designs perfect for everyday wear.
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